Digital Photography

The Digital Photography Group is for anyone with an interest in photography.

We have around 18 members (maximum 20), with a great range of skills (beginner to competition level), and photographic equipment. 

The Group meets twice a month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, in the Committee Room at the Birch Hill Community Centre from 10.00am until mid-day.

The first meeting of the month takes the form of Q&A, members' photos, and a video in the Great Courses series on Digital Photography, which aims to improve one's ability as a photographer.

The second meeting of the month is more of a workshop on getting to know your camera and the technical side of photography.

A selection of photographs taken by members of the group can be found here.

A Risk Assesment for this Group can be found here.

Before attending a meeting of this Group for the first time please contact the coordinator as below.

For more information please email:-