The Ukulele Group started in May 2019 with 12 players, ranging in ability from “I’ve never played anything before” to “Been trying to learn the guitar for years and years” to one or two accomplished players.

The first hour of our two-hour session is devoted to teaching the “new” players.  We started with a song that has only one chord (Frere Jacques) and by adding one or two new chords a week together we’re gradually building up our skills and repertoire.  The more experienced players have been more than happy to “buddy up” with the new players, offering them help and encouragement. It’s really working well.

The second hour we pick some tunes to give the more experienced players a chance to practice their skills (trying not to make the songs too difficult so the new players can strum along). We play everything from Jambalaya to Hallelujah, through Fields of Gold, down Country Roads, Leaning on Lampposts and Oh Boy we are having a great time!

The group meets at Birch Hill Community Centre on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

A Risk Assessment for this Group can be found here.

Before attending a meeting of this Group for the first time please contact the coordinator as below.

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